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Grp Water Storage Tanks

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Notice before ordering FRP water tank

1. FRP water tank is designed and manufactured to store room temperature water. Please do not store hot water and other liquids (if you need to store hot water, please note before ordering, we will provide you with hot water tank).

2. Water tank capacity can be chosen freely from 0.125 tons to 1500 tons. Water tanks are all composed of standard plates with three specifications: 1000mm *1000mm, 1000mm *500mm and 500mm *500mm. Therefore, the design size of water tank can not be changed continuously, but should be based on 500mm.

3. The bottom of the water tank should be provided with 300 mm to 500 mm high concrete foundation, and there should be no less than 500 mm assembly and repair space around and on the top of the water tank; the direction of the concrete foundation should consider the convenience of sewage discharge according to the pipe.

4. The concrete foundation of water tank is constructed by the purchaser of water tank. The errors in the plane construction of concrete foundation are as follows: the allowable deviation of horizontal degree should not be greater than 2 mm, and the deviation of diagonal length should not be greater than 20 mm.

5. Standard fittings for water tank are: intake flange, outlet flange, overflow flange, sewage flange, ventilation hole, manhole, internal and external climbing ladder, etc. The location of nozzle opening can be determined on site, but the relevant pipe diameter and quantity should be specified in advance when ordering by users.

6. Water tank insulation can be made of foaming materials, rubber sponges or other materials as a whole which are in accordance with the tank body. If there are other requirements, please notify in advance.

Weiren GRP water storage tanks designed to satisfy the following basic requirements:

1, Design & Construction Flexibility

2, No-Leakage problems

3, Suitability for earthquake prone zones

4, Low cost and high efficiency

5, Modular construction, nice appearance


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